Until December 31, 2014

CPAC. Production Centre of Contemporary Art 


With CPAC, Center for the Production of Contemporary Art MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico is going to develop a documentary film fund of the artists and creatives national and international that are currently developing works that provide a great historical value in the context in which we live that reflect the concepts relating to the artist and/or creative: 

Style of life and work. The day-to-day of the artist. Customs. Reflections. How and where he works and tours.


Can participate the visual artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, writers…


The purpose of the same is made available to researchers, critics, curators, managers, teachers, students and the general public a documentary archive alive, to serve as a reference to establish direct connections between the artists and creators and the rest of society with special emphasis on their ways of life and in the development of their creative processes.


Since several years ago MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artístico is being aware of the fact that one of the problems with those who are the artists today is that they are leaving to be the first stage of the creative process, or in other words they are leaving to become protagonists of the current art. The works they produce, as objects are those which prevail above his creator and we understand from our organization need to return the value of the artist for that the work can accommodate this intangible value that translates to the end in much more than economic value. That is why it is so important to recognize the artist and his way of generating cultural wealth.


The documentary work that we are going to jointly develop is structured in several stages and must be understood as a document in evolutionary continuous updating. Artists are the large solitary in their work processes. However the essence in itself the creation of a work is fully linked to the lifestyle, thoughts and work processes of the creator-artist.


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