Fernando Barrionuevo y Rosa Muñoz impartiendo su conferencia
Fernando Barrionuevo y Rosa Muñoz impartiendo su conferencia

9:15 / Welcome by Mª Dolores Suárez (UGR Research Vice-rector), Teodoro Luque (CEI BioTIC director), Víctor Medina (Fine Arts Faculty Dean) and Belén Mazuecos (UGR Project Coordinator)


9:45 / GlocalFineArt Introduction by Marilena Vecco, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Project Coordinator)


10:15 / Critic’s role in the young artists’ value creation by Iván de la Torre, (Critic and Curator. University Málaga)


11:30 / Collecting contemporary art: The Art Advisor’s role by Lorena Martínez de Corral (Critic, curator, co-director ExpoActual S.L.)


12:15 / Discovery and market galleries: Two different perspectives in Malaga:


12:15 / Discovery galleries by Isabel Hurley (Isabel Hurley Gallery)


13:00 / Market galleries by Antonella Montinaro (GACMA Gallery)


16:00 / Curator’s role in the young artists’ value creation. EMERGE Project by Francisco Carpio (Critic and Curator. University Francisco de Vitoria)


17:00 / Fairs’ impact on the young artists’ artwork prices at local level by Paul Matthews (Affordable Art Fair)


17:45 / Galleries and collectors’ new challenges in the primary market by Pedro Maisterra (Maisterravalbuena Gallery, Madrid and IAC member)


18:30 / Pecha Kucha sessions: Local experiences in dialogue

Artistic Projects: “Al Raso” artistic residency by Victor Borrego (Universidad de Granada) “Joya” artistic residency by Simon Beckmann (Co-founder of Joya) “Granada Biennial” by Ana García López (Universidad de Granada) “Rosas del sur exhibition” by Concha Hermano (Curator)

Research Project: Andalusian Emerging Art System by Belén Mazuecos (Universidad de Granada) and Giacomo Di Benedetto (BVisible, Milán) (CEI BioTic Project Coordinators)


19:30 / Promotion and internationalization of young artists career’ strategies by Rosa Muñoz Bustamante and Fernando Barrionuevo (MECA, Mediterraneo Centro Artístico, Almeria)

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